We scope the protocol, and this documentation in the following way:

Targeted at developers - developers should be enabled (and motivated) by the OpenCoin protocol to implement standard confirming software components and apps. However, we hope that this documentation is also understandable for the interested user (or founder, investor, auditor, etc.)

Just the protocol - we don’t deliver any ready to use implementations. This allows us to fully focus on the protocol, and keeps a separation to actual implementations.

Easy to understand - we try to avoid complexity.1See “The Grug Brained Developer”, This affects the protocol itself as well as its documentation. This means: if you, the reader, don’t understand a sentence or a concept, please contact us. We will improve the description. Being easy to understand is one of the main goals of OpenCoin.

Only the core - lots of developments have happened since we started. Take the example of messengers like Signal, Telegram or WhatsApp: they have opened new ways to transport messages, and they take care of identifying the communication partner. This especially means that message transport and authentication stay out of scope.